Kendall Jenner Wears Expensive Ankle Purse That Looks Like An Ankle Monitor And Fans Hilariously Roast Her!

Kendall Jenner’s ankle purse by Chanel is something we definitely don’t see often so is she a fashion trendsetter? Apparently not really because after sharing a pic of her weaning the $645 accessory, a lot of social media users started roasting the model.

Despite the fact that the purse is pretty unique and expensive, people were reminded of an ankle monitor – something criminals sometimes wear while on parole!

The reactions to the picture are hilarious!

‘Seriously? What would Uncle OJ say? ???’ one fan commented. Yikes!

‘Kendall Jenner really out here gentrifying ankle bracelets… really sis,’ another wrote.

And the roasting did not stop there! Check out a couple more of the funny comments.

‘The way Kendall Jenner got a mini purse round her ankle and captions it ‘it just fits’ made me double take. Thought she’d been arrested with a tag on ?.’

‘Hmm @KendallJenner maybe purses that resemble parole ankle bracelets shouldn’t be fashionable????’

Aside from her peculiar fashion choice, Kendall has also made headlines not too long ago for supposedly being one of the very first people Hailey Baldwin Facetimed after the engagement with Justin Bieber.

One source told HollywoodLife that ‘Kendall was one of the first people Hailey told, she Facetimed her from the Bahamas to share the sweet moment with her. Hailey didn’t tell her right away why she was calling and then she held up her ring finger to show Kendall. Kendall was so shocked at first she didn’t know if she was joking. But then Hailey started jumping with joy, and Kendall knew it was real.’

As for whether or not Kendall will be rocking the ankle purse again after the roasting, it remains to be seen, but we’d guess the answer to that one is NO.

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